Success Stories of KVK

1 - Horticulture Based Cropping System Makes Farmer Rich

Name : Sri Gobardhan Sahu

Address :Pawartola, G.P. Amrara, Nuapada

Name of the Enterpriser : Horticulture based cropping system.

Activities undertaken : Tissue culture Banana cultivation with inter cropping of Turmeric and Ginger and seasonal vegetable cultivation.

Involvement of KVK : Motivation through training, Demonstration and follow up action fr From time to time from initial to Final> Marketing stage.

Success made :

activitiesExpenditure in FarmingYieldReturnNet Profit
Banana cultivation41000.001000 bunch85000.0044000.00
Spices like Ginger & Turmeric 7200.0042 qtls42000.0034800.00
Seasonal vegetable4000.00-8200.004200.00
SRI method of paddy----

Future strategy : To increase the area of Banana and other vegetable to encourage traders to buy at door step.

Impact : There was lot of hue and cry in the neighbouring village as Banana was very much new in their farming system and people were very convincing to take up the enterprise.

2 - Sunflower Cultivation gives smile in Farmers Face

Name : Sri Phulsingh Majhi

address : Paraskhol, Dist. Nuapada.

Name of the Enterpriser : Crop Husbandry.

Activities undertaken :

  • Sunflower variety MSFH- 8 was taken up after harvest of paddy instead of traditional variety.
  • Boron was also applied for increasing oil content.
  • The farmer was always in touch with scientist of KVK.

Involvement of KVK : KVK Scientists supplied the seed input and demonstrated the method of sowing.
(i) Training and technical back up was provided for the success.

Success made : The farmer got 20 qlts seeds from 5 ha. Land got a profit of Rs. 10.000/- from the crop.

Future strategy : He is committed to increase area under sunflower by motivating other farmers of the locality.

Impact : The farmers of the locality were very much appreciated the programme and promised to do the practice in future

3 - Onion cultivation leads farmer to reach Bank

Name : Sovanlal Sahu

Address : At : Bhera, P.O & Dist. Nuapada.

Name of the Enterpriser : Vegetable farming particularly Onion.

Activities undertaken :

  • Planting 6-8 weeks old seedlings.
  • Application of 20 quintal/ha.
  • Split application of NPK @ 48-24-24/ha on the basis of half of Nitrogen and Potash with full phosphorous applied at time of planting and rest after 30 days after planning.

Involvement of KVK : Awareness through video show, training and OFT motivated him to take the Enterprise on a Commercial basis.

Success Made : He gets 180-200 quintal per hactore and get 80,000 – 90,000 – ha. As profit every year. He maintains Bank balance of Rs. 20,000 – 30,000/- every time.

Future strategy : Sri Sahu has already motivated some farmers in the village for production of Onion in his own and neighbouring village. Now he wants to start low cost Onion storage structure for getting more income.

Impact : The village is producing more than 1000 MT of Onion and by the effort of Sri Sahu.

4 - Whitegold in the Farmers Field

Name : Sri Jitendra biswal.

Address: At : Belardona, P.O.: Komna, Dist. : Nuapada

Name of the Enterprise : Agriculture and cotton as a major crop

Activities under taken :

  • Paddy cotton and other field crops like arhar and blackgram in rainfed situation.
  • Introduction of 1PM method with recommendation of as intercrop in the ratio 10:1 with application of neem based pesticide and applying of planofix twice as 35 DAS and 55 DAS.

Involvement of KVK : KVK through its Gyanal K programme identified the problem of low yield of cotton in the village. The scientists inspired the youth for taking up the cotton in a scientific manner by conducting frontline demonstration.

Success made : The farmers of the village got upto 22 Qlts and harvested a net profit of Rs. 20,000/-

Future Strategy : The villagers / Farmers of the area have decided to take up the crop in a large scale.

Impact : The cotton area has gone upto 1225 ha in a scientific manner.

5 - Propagation techniques in pineapple.

Name: Mr. Amrit Lal Shood

Village:Baloda,GP: Budhipali,Dist: Nuapada

Enterprise: Sylviculture, Sylvi –Horti, Banana Plantation, Vegetable Cultivation, Hyv paddy Cultivation, Eucalyptus oil Extraction unit,


  • Eucalyptus Nursery raising and Eucalyptus Plantation. Cutting the Eucalyptus Plant and Removal of leaf and twigs and keeping them in a heap for oil extraction. He is having approximately 45Ac of Eucalyptus plantation.
  • Planting the turmeric sprouts in the pro tray and planting them in the teak plantation.
  • Banana plantation in 3Ac and land now he is planting banana sucker in the teak plantation by partial removing the branches.
  • Planting the pineapple sucker of Queen Variety in the teak plantation.
  • SRI paddy in upland and medium land. He has taken 0.5Ac of SRI paddy cv.MTU-1010 and 1.5 Ac of MTU-1001 in medium land.
  • He has taken Chilli and Brinjal in 2Ac of Banana plantation during early growth of Banana plantation.
  • He is also taking 0.5ac of Japanese Mint cultivation for mint oil extraction.
  • Apart from all this he is also growing Tomato, Chilli, Cauliflower, Brinjal, Cowpea and Okra in about 5Ac of land. For raising the seedling he is also going for solarization of seed bed.
  • He is also distributing the Foundation seed and collecting the certified seed and after processing the seed he is also selling the seed to OSSCA. He is also growing Foundation seeds from breeder seeds.
  • Net Profit:

    • Selling of Eucalyptus Plant: Rs.50Lac
    • Selling of Certified seed : Rs40Lac
    • From Nilgiri Oil: Rs 5Lac
    • From Vegetables, banana: Rs 4-5 Lac

    KVK Interventions: 1) Value addition 2) Scientific way of vegetable cultivation with importance to Hormonal Application. 3) Hormonal Application in Pineapple. 4)IPM in Vegetable .

    Impact on Others: He is an example for this district. So to say it is the laboratory for other farmer .Many farmer from this district and from Neighboring district of Chhattisgarh visit to his farm and gather many scientific information from Mr. Shood.

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