Scientific Advisory Committe 2011

Proceedings of 5th Scientific Advisory Committe Meeting held on 29.08.2011 at KVK,Nuapada

The 5th Scientific advisory Committee meeting of KVK Nuapada held on 29th August 2011 at 10.30 am in KVK training hall under the chairmanship of Prof. (Dr) R.K.Raj ,JDE (Extn.). Sj. Janaki Ballav Mishra ,IAS. Collector and district Magistrate graced the occasion as chief guest and inaugurated the function by lighting the candles. All the line department officials and designated member from WTCER Smt. Mudhumita Das, Bhubaneswar along with farmers/farm women members attended the meeting (list enclosed).
At the outset Sri M.Mohapatra,Programme Coordinator, KVK Nuapada welcomed all delegates and participants of the meeting. After that he presented the overall achievement of KVK in brief during 10-11 and action plan for Khariff 2012. During his presentation P.C. informed the house that this office is running with 50% short of Scientific Personnel still they have conducted 15 nos of on farm testing, 15 Front line Demonstrations, 96 no of trainings in different field like Agronomy, Horticulture, plant Protection, fishery Science and Extension Education. The house was applauded the work of KVK and expressed the KVK should continue this tempo in future for the cause of the farming community of Nuapada.
After brief presentation of activities of KVK , the Collector and DM addressed to the participants. He advised the KVK should come to the rescue of the farming community of the district and empower their knowledge and skill through their different programmes. The KVK should come in big way for providing technological support as there is ample scope for crop diversification with help of exploration of ground water available plentily under the soil of Nuapada. He also gave the example of a remote place of Jharsuguda district how the desert lands could be modified to greenery with the help of all concerned line department and local administration. On this occasion he also felicitated with a cup and shawl to two of the brand ambassadors of KVK for the year 11-12. Smt Tapaswini padhi, Brand ambassador of KVK for Mushroom and Sri Denath Rana Brand ambassador for IFS also spoke on this occasion about their success and how they were helping to the farmwomen and farmers of the district for saling the technological products of KVK for improving their socio-economic condition. The house heard their speech and praised their effort for the selfless effort for the farming society.
The technical session II was started after a short tea break. The SMS (PP) presented his achievement and action plan for the year 2011-12. The chairman suggested introduction of sticky trap in green gram, brood lac to be popularized. He also advised that efficacy of buprofezin of different company should be tested and recommended to the farmers. Sri K.K.Biswal SMS (PP) also presented the programmes under Agronomy discipline as SMS (Agro) has been transferred. During presentation the house critically observed and advised that the Hybrid varieties of paddy should be taken in OFT and it should be compared with swarna (MTU- 7029). Sj. P.K.Patra,DDA,Nuapada also emphasized testing hybrid paddy by KVK scientists. During discussion some member told HMT is giving very good yield. The chairman suggested to study its characteristics of HMT variety of paddy and then recommend. The chairman also emphasized on border crops such as mustard should be taken up and the time of aphid infestation should be taken into consideration for successful raising of cole crops. He also advised to take up soyabean instead of upland paddy which should be taken up in OFT.
After presentation by SMS (PP) Sri B.S.Panda PA (Fishery) presented his activities and action plan. During interaction the chairman said that the stunted fingerlings should be taken up in perennial source of water with multiple stocking and multiple harvesting instead of demonstrating in normal pond. The predatory fishes should be eradicated from local water bodies before stocking of fish seed. He also added that the micro-nutrients should be recommended to the farmers those who are giving recommended feed. Again he told that the creepers and duckery should be taken up in pond based farming system to get additional return by use of natural resources.
Sri S.K.Meher SMS(Hort.) presented the achievements and action plan for Kharif 2012. The chairman expressed that the Utkal Manika variety of cowpea has got low preference by the consumer before taking up the programme KVK should go for market survey. With regards to other programmes he told that onion variety should be replaced by Bheema Super in Rabi and AFDR in kharif and emphasis should be given on low cost onion storage. He also advised that the tomato variety Utkal Raja should be compared with Utkal Kumari instead of other local varieties. After the presentations by the scientists, Sri Pradip Patra DDA ,Nuapada suggested that a standard cropping pattern should be recommended by the KVK to overcome the drought situation which is prevalent due to erratic rainfall. Smt Das Principal scientist WTCER expressed that the KVK should have a soil fertility map, pH and texture map of the district. SJ.Bhagaban Das DDH suggested that KVK and Dept. Of Horticulture should work together to popularize export oriented mango and tissue culture banana having both market demand and high return. He also added that Kharif onion should be given priority to check migration in the district. Sri Mallick LBM expressed that KVK may prepare scale of finance for pointed gourd, Mushroom and crop for providing loan to the interested farmer and farm women.
The meeting was ended before lunch with a vote of thanks to the delegates by Sri.K.K.Biswal, SMS(PP).

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