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What Is Four-Way Elasticity? Why Do Yoga Pants Need Four-Way Stretch?

What Is Four-Way Elasticity? Why Do Yoga Pants Need Four-Way Stretch?

Update Time:2021-11-25
What Is Four-Way Elasticity? Why Do Yoga Pants Need Four-Way Stretch?

To learn more about four-way elasticity, please continue to read Hc sportswear news. It is in-depth, so you have all the information to know how to use four-way elasticity.


What is four-way elasticity?

Four-way elasticity is self-explanatory from the name, but some people are really confused. Then let's take a closer look.

There are actually one-way, two-way and four-way stretch fabrics.

To understand the difference, you need to know that the determining factor is the fabric's (1) stretchability (2) recovery

Unidirectional stretch means that the fabric will stretch left and right but will not recover.

Two-way elasticity means that the fabric stretches but recovers in two ways: horizontal or vertical. It does not move in both directions at the same time, but after being overstretched, it will begin to sag and look bad.

Four-way elasticity means that the fabric can extend in both the transverse and longitudinal directions. To stabilize a point of the fabric, it will be able to stretch up, down, right and left in four ways.


Why do yoga pants need four-way stretch?

The four-way stretch fabric has good elasticity, can move with your posture, fit and outline the contour, tight pants that move freely.

They can provide maximum comfort, because yoga pants can maintain their shape under any exercise or daily use.

Custom 4 way stretch pants, the best fabric used is polyester spandex knitted fabric.


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