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What Kind Of Fabric To Use For Women Running Apparel?

What Kind Of Fabric To Use For Women Running Apparel?

Issue Time:2020-04-13
What Kind Of Fabric To Use For Women Running Apparel?
The material used for running apparel can be very inportant!Especially,It invovles in running,training,gym.Because people always want to keep them cool and comfortable.That is why we write this artical to talk about the different fabric and their functions.Lets get it start!
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When we talk about running apparel,The first thing we are reminded of is nylon.The fashion of running apparel comes along with the creation of the nylon.The abrasion resistance,hygroscopicity and elasticity of nylon is very good.Beside the touching of nylon is usually premium soft.These all funtcion of nylon make it possible for people to create running apparel which can can shap body.
I have to say polyester is another choice.Most of the fabric made of nylon are solid color.When it comes with colorful colors,Polyester is a better choice because people can do subllimation printing on polyester fabric.Even though people can also do sublimation printing on nylon fabric,However,The cost to do sublimation printing on nylon fabric is higher.

This is one of the products made of our moisture wicking 73%polyester 27%spandex(240gsm).We do sublimation printing on the farbic and finally get this style of running apparel
Synthetic Fabric
Another choice is synthetic fabric made of both nylon and polyester fabric.This way,We get a premium new fabric which both includes the function of nylon and polyester.Besides,There are some more colors for people to choice for their running apparel
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This is one of the products made of our              moisture wicking 42%nylon 43%polyester 15%spandex(300gsm).There are many other        varigated colors in stock.
We are not sure if you know more about running apparel and running apparel manufacturing.If you are interested about create your own brand running apparel,Please feel free to contact us!
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